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Our center embraces an individualistic and holistic approach to health, with a core mission: 'The goal with everything we are doing at the clinic is to support excellent normal function of the body.' We specialize in hormone replacement therapy, sexual wellness, medical weight loss, IV therapy, and recovery services for both male and female patients.

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We are locally-owned with over 20 years of experience in the medical field

Discover IVitality – a unique wellness medical center blending recovery, optimization therapies, and hormone specialty care. Born from a shared passion for overall health between Dr. Brenden Witte and Kaylene McDonald, our locally-owned clinic expands over three locations.

We pride ourselves in providing an excellent patient experience

We believe in leveraging technology alongside our highly trained and experienced team to take care of your health. We guarantee the best service practices in your care.

TRT for Men

rediscover peak performance and embrace a vibrant life with IVitality Testosterone Replacement Therapy for men

HRT for Women

revitalize and rebalance your body’s harmony with IVitality Hormone Replacement Therapy for Women

Medical Weight Loss

weight loss with personalized strategies and, when necessary, supportive medications like Tirzepatide and Semaglutide

Sexual Health for Men

innovative, evidence-based testing to diagnose root causes and tailor effective plans to unique symptoms & concerns

Sexual Health for Women

empower your sexual wellness with our expertise for fulfilling relationships and well-being at any age

IV Therapy

a direct route to nourishing your body with essential vitamins and minerals, promoting rapid rejuvenation & optimum health

Nutrient Booster’s

precisely formulated shots to swiftly replenish essential nutrients and energize your health journey


Cryo boosts health: full & local sessions for recovery and wellness

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IVitality in

Washington State

20+ Years of Experience

Over a decade of experience. We deliver premier care through Washington state's finest physicians.

96% Success Rate

With a remarkable success rate, our dedication shines in helping you attain your wellness objectives.

Fast process, best results

Experience rapid progress and achieve exceptional outcomes with our efficient approach.

Professional Medical Team

Our team of healthcare professionals, including ND doctors and RN nurses, brings unparalleled experience and expertise to the table.

Telemedicine For Existing Patients

Enjoy convenient access to healthcare from the comfort of your home.

Discover the positive differences that set us apart from traditional men's and women's health clinics


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Where patient satisfaction is the norm, not the exception

Mark Mullen, 38 years old
Software Engineer, Bellevue

As a game developer, low energy was affecting my performance. IVitality diagnosed me with low testosterone and their treatment plan turned things around. I'm now more focused and energetic.

Where patient satisfaction is the norm, not the exception

Where patient satisfaction is the norm, not the exception

Laura Thompson, 45 years old
Marketing Director, Issaquah

Discovering IVitality was a turning point for my wellness journey. Their hormone replacement therapy and nutrient shots revitalized my energy and well-being in ways I hadn't anticipated.

Where patient satisfaction is the norm, not the exception

We're open 7 days a week, from 10 AM to 7 PM, to provide care whenever you need it