IV Therapy

Bellevue, Bellingham,
and Issaquah

IV therapy is the most efficient method for directly replenishing vitamins and minerals in the body. Many patients experience absorption issues, leading to deficiencies that IVs can rapidly and effectively correct, restoring the body to optimal function. This rejuvenation can result in noticeable improvements like increased energy, healthier skin, enhanced immune function, and better preparedness to address various health concerns.

*Must be at least 18 years old to receive IV therapy

Monthly IV Special ($79)

January - B Lean
February - Metabolism Mini
March - Focus
April - Performance Plus
May - Repair & Recover
June - Replenish
July - Luminous
August - Glutathione Glow
September - Immune Mini
October - Original Myers
November - Traveler
December - Hangover

Quick Drip IV Therapy ($149)

Hydration Therapy
Original Myers
Migraines & Headaches
Allergy Relief
Hangover Remedy
Poly MVA
Major Autoheme ($149/$249/$349)

Advanced IV Therapy ($224)

Mental Clarity
Fountain of Youth
Get Up & Go!
Immune Boost
Venofer IV

Performance IV Therapy ($299)

Athletic Performance
Workout Recovery
Dr. Witte's Super
Weight Loss Support
Plaquex IV
Jet Lag

Enhanced IV Therapy ($399)

High Dose Vitamin C (24g)
Ms. Olympia IV
Kaylene's Metabolism IV

NAD ($699)

Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide / NAD+ Myers

IV Packages

IV Monthly Membership Subscription Qty 4 IVs (Does not include NAD+ IV or added nutrients) ($1,000.00)
Plaquex 10 Pack ($2,300)
Plaquex 20 Pack ($4,000)
NAD+ Package Qty 5 ($2,500)
Major Autoheme (Ozone) with Myers Qty 4 Pack ($896)
Majoy Autoheme (Ozone) Qty 4 Pack ($536)
Major Autoheme (Ozone) with Myers Qty 8 Pack ($1,594)
Major Autoheme (Ozone) Qty 8 Pack ($954)
Major Autoheme 10 pass (Ozone) with Myers Qty 4 Pack ($1,256)
Major Autoheme 10 pass (Ozone) Qty 4 ($896)
Major Autoheme 10 pass (Ozone) with Myers Qty 8 Pack ($2,234)
Major Autoheme 10 pass (Ozone) Qty 8 ($1,594)

Fast Absorption

Nutrients are directly delivered to your bloodstream, offering immediate benefits.

Customized Treatments

Tailored to your unique health needs for targeted wellness support.

Boosted Well-being

Improves energy, mental clarity, and overall vitality.

Hydration and Detox

Ensures optimal hydration and aids in detoxification for better health.

Convenient Care

Quick, professional sessions that easily fit into your schedule.

Expertise and Personalized Care

IVitality continues to stand out with our combination of medical expertise and personalized attention to meet the individual needs of our patients. Each IV therapy session is tailored specifically to your health needs and goals, and is administered by our highly trained Registered Nurses. This approach ensures that you receive the most effective treatment in a caring, professional, and medical environment.


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